Saturday, May 01, 2010

May One

Indulge me a little, please...Holy Cow!! It's May already!!
Ha! (Though I do really mean that!)
Anyway. Today was the hottest day (so far) of the year, with temps reaching near 90 in some places. In a few months, the temps of today will be bearable, but coming off of freezing to death...It was pretty stinking hot. Not that I'm complaining, because I'm not.
Chapter meeting this morning - very fantastical time, lots of laughing, great speaker. K4 happens to love our speaker's books, so Grandma brought her to the end of the meeting so she could meet her and get her new book. K4 was thrilled and is very proud of her personalized books. She's spent the afternoon reading, which is always good, but very normal for her. Lunch was good and so was the conversation.
Then...the day kind of just...went.
Though the super secret retreat items have been manufactured and are currently spread all over my dining room drying. And they turned out spectacularly, thanks to Misty's super human ability with a pair of scissors. Teenagers have created chaos. So has the dog. Dinner was pizza.
In all...
A very good day.
And now I'm going to go figure out what to write at the retreat before I start editing the very terrible, completely awful book.

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