Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sunday Random

Happy Mothers Day to all of you Moms.
We did some celebrating yesterday and last night and had a very awesome time doing it. First we had to clean up our camping site, which was work, but fun. Let me just say I love power washing. I'm borrowing it to do our patio and I can't wait!
K2 dropped her phone in the creek. Awesome that. She's currently getting a new one after much woe and angst over the whole thing. Then...then, she left her truck keys in my truck and I got the whole way home when she called and told me. So I had to drive back up in my wet pants and frozen feet. But, the rest of the night was good and included good friends, good bands, and a lot of talking and laughing.
Today is moving slow, which is good. I know a lot of people think Mom shouldn't work today, but I had things I had to get done and I feel much better after accomplishing them. This week is nuts, with much to do before I leave for the retreat.
So there you have it.
Happy Mothers Day, Mom! I love you!

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