Sunday, May 09, 2010

Dear Supernatural People,

I loved Death. (Yes, that sounds weird, but you know what I mean) The idea that neither he nor God knows who's older is very interesting to me, and the fact that Lucifer has him on some kind of a leash. I don't know what to believe though, and I guess that's good. Part of me thinks he doesn't expect Sam and Dean to let Sam say yes, because, let's face it, those boys rarely do what you think they'll do, or what they're expected to do. And then I see the previews, and it looks like Sam did say yes. And poor Dean's beaten and swollen face...
Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself.
Crowley ammending he and Bobby's agreement so Bobby could walk was fantastic. I actually hooted! And Cass is back! Fantastic. Except that he's human now. I loved the scene with Cass and Bobby where he was starting to complain about having nothing and Bobby jumped on him. Nicely done.
The vomit was pretty gross, especially the hugging while Pestilence was covered with it. Ick.
I'm a little all over the place with my thoughts here. I'm hoping to get to watch it again today, but we'll see. Maybe I should have waited to write this until after!
That is all.

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