Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Resurgence of the Gnomes

Did anyone else watch this show?
I did and I loved it. Especially the fact that their beds were in the wall. ..... You have to watch gnomes. They have attitudes, but usually those attitudes can be adjusted with a healthy dose of liquor and a midnight poker game. I have no problem with that, but they damned well better earn their keep while they're spending all night goofing off and terrorizing the cat. It would be nice if the yardwork was done, and the rest of the housework, too. Mine do nothing, despite the fact that I take care of their garden and make sure they look all spiffy. Even the one in the house is all disdainful and angry-looking. Last night I realized he's standing with his back to the room, which is never good. I want happy gnomes, not gnomes that look so evil that I fear for my life every night.
I think I might have to go into gnome negotiations to make sure I get what I want while I'm providing them a place to live. They've been somewhat disgruntled every since Nic visited a while back. I think Nic's fairy talk riled them up and now all they can think about is "fairy relations". Sick and something I so don't need to know about.
I have a feeling these negotiations are going to take a while.
Wish me luck.


Ava Quinn said...


I'll be an intermediary for you!

Victoria said...

I think you'd come in handy, Ava, especially considering your expertise in the Sea Moneky negotiations. LOL