Monday, September 05, 2011

A Weekend List

What was awesome about this weekend:
1. My writing group meeting - new faces, new members, visitors. Lunch was fun, even though I will not be sad if we never go to the restaurant again. I got what I usually get and it had absolutely no flavor.
2. Saturday night and our journey to hear an old friend perform at a nearby bar. What a blast! He played songs only our table knew and the look on his face when we moved to the table closest to the microphone was priceless. It was a lot of fun - good music, great friends, good food, good adult beverages, great friends.
3. Potluck picnics.
4. Creek time! It felt really really weird not to camp this weekend. (We had way too much going on. Camping wasn't logical. And thank goodness after the storms we had last night. And today.)
5. Funny ventriloquist shows and copious amounts of (free!) italian ice. (though the dummies were creep-tastic!)
6. K5 all day today! She is such a hoot! We had a blast with her.
7. All four kids home today! What a riot!
8. A semi-clean house to start the week.
I'll stop there. It was a good weekend. And writing? Well, this was my weekend off. I got my first crit back tonight and while I have work to do on the story, I am bolstered by the fact that my crit partner thinks the story is awesome despite the work I need to do.
That is all.

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