Friday, September 09, 2011

Of Floods and Other Things...

You'd have to be living under a rock if you didn't hear about the flooding in PA this week.
We stayed dry - especially in our basement - thanks to the ingenuity of that man I live with. I certainly had no idea that one simple awkward drainpipe move would halt the flood of water into our basement. He's clever, that man. (though I am totally jealous that he got a day and a half off work thanks to the swollen and angry river.)
The pictures of the flood are incredible and the river hasn't even crested yet.
It's not raining anymore.
The humidity is insane though. Everything feels sticky and gross.
I made a quick stop at a local convenience store on my way home. The clerk was on her cell phone, speaking in a foreign language. She proceeded to stand in front of me - talking - while I was waiting for her attention. Really? I'm a paying customer. You can't get off the phone long enough to ring me up?
Water restriction sucks! I need to do laundry. And dishes. Not to mention, I'm really sick of cautiously flushing the toilet. Supposed to end tomorrow. Thank goodness.
I hate it when people call me "Hon".
That is all.
Feel Good Friday is next.


Ava Quinn said...

I agree on all points. Water restrictions do suck, crappy cashiers also suck, humidity sucks greasy monkey balls, and don't frickin' call me hon either.

Solidarity, baby! Feel it!

Victoria said...

I feel it! :)