Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Thursday...

A list of utter nonsense...
1. This week is kicking my *ss. I will be very, very glad to see the end of the day tomorrow.
2. Some people should not procreate. They shouldn't even be able to *think* about doing the horizontal mambo because of the risk of procreation. Just sayin'.
3. Sleeping in is a beautiful thing and should happen way more often.
4. Certain people (probably some of the same sort as in #2) will always be a-holes. No matter what happens. Always.
5. Sometimes I am convinced that I have no idea what I'm doing. Make that a lot of the time. Most of the time? See?
6. I miss my granddaughter.
7. When I woke up this morning, it was warm out. When I left the day job, it was freezing. Why?
8. I hope if, when, I end up squirming on the floor - twitching dramatically because some tiny thing has officially put me over the edge - that people just leave me alone. Let me twitch. I beg of you, just let me twitch for a few minutes. Then bring me booze. Or bring me booze first, then leave me alone.
9. Plotting is making me question this whole idea...yeah, it's coming together, but not as quickly or as solidly as I'd hoped. But see #'s 1 - 8. Not calling excuse, just a possible explanation.
10. One of the first things I'm planning to burn when I go on my rampage is my overburdened calendar book (Holy crap 2012, why you gotta start kicking my butt so soon?), followed by the checkbook. I think I will throw in the laundry and perhaps a manuscript or two. When said rampage will happen is anyone's guess...
Ha! That's a weird list!
Tomorrow is 11-11-11. That's pretty cool! Maybe it'll be an awesome day! (I can hope, right?) And it's Veteran's Day, so make sure you thank a vet for their service and your freedom!
That is all.

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