Sunday, November 06, 2011

And There IT is!

I don't think there's anything better than new book excitement!!
I really thought my brain was broken. Truly. I couldn't settle on what I wanted to write. Nothing was sparking. One of my goals for October was to stay in our fifty words a day for fifty day challenge, so I sat every night and wrote at least fifty words - hoping that the brain barf would begin to coalesce. It kind of did, though I didn't realize it until yesterday. To say I was about a half-second away from going into full on panic and despair mode would be an understatement. I really thought my mojo had abandoned me. Quite honestly though, I really wasn't looking very hard. My attitude sucked hardcore. I wasn't being nice to myself or that mojo.
Somewhere between a really crazy dream and yesterday's writing meeting, I was hit in the forehead by not only how I was sabotaging myself, but by the shiny new idea. And it totally rocks!
Yes, I will admit I definitely needed to take some time off. I don't think I'm the only writer who secretly fears that by not writing, your dream will wander off and get lost in the woods, or fall into a well. And yes, I know how ridiculous that is, but there you have it.
Anyway...the point is that I am on it like white on rice now.
I am very excited.

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