Friday, November 11, 2011

Feed Good Friday

First off, Thank You to all of the veterans - my dad, my brothers, the Godfather to my children, the mans brother-to-another-mother, my father-in-law, and everyone else who has given me my freedom. You're awesome and one day of Thank You is not enough.
* * *
After a laboriously long and dreadful week, here is what little I could scrape up for this post.
1. Friday! Duh!
2. Sleeping in a little tomorrow.
3. The adult beverage that will be waiting for me when I return from running all over creation tonight.
4. New Supernatural tonight! I hope we're home in time.
5. The weekend!
6. Taking an extra day off before Thanksgiving. Man, am I looking forward to that!
...that's about it. I feel like I say it's been a long week every Friday, and I know I've posted more than once how "this" week outweighs the rest. I really don't think I like saying that. I don't like wishing my weeks away and all of the stress that seems like it's weighing on me...Something must be done! I just wish I knew what!
That is all...

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