Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eye Update...

I couldn't stand it anymore. The eye. The pain. The stupidness of it all.
Called the doc and begged them to call in a prescription for pink eye. The receptionist said she'd check with the doc and get back to me. When they called back, the first question was "does it hurt?". Well, yeah, it hurts like there's a rock in it. The nurse said I had to go in and be seen. Really? Come on. My day was so freaking busy. The last thing I wanted, or had time for, was to sit in the waiting room for them to determine I had pink eye and send me off with the 'script they could have just called in for me.
But I went anyway. Because I was done with looking ridiculous.
I barely had my butt in the waiting room chair when they called me back. Then they weighed me and measured me. Really? But whatever. I expected to wait in the exam room for an hour, but the doctor came in before I had my shoes retied. She looked and looked, and then looked some more. Then she put this yellow dye in my eye that stained the white for about an hour after I left (I looked like an alien).
Nope. Not pink eye. (That'll teach me to self-diagnose)
I have a scratch on my cornea.
Which explains why the hot compresses didn't really help. It also explains why the "rock" feeling in the same place.
So, she prescribed some antibiotic goo that I have to squeeze into my eye and I'm supposed to avoid excessive computer time. Ha!
Not very exciting, I'm afraid...

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