Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquakes and Marriage Proposals...

I don't *think* the earthquake was caused by the proposal!
Which to talk about first? I guess I'll start with the what happened first...
Back in May - over Memorial Day weekend - K2's boyfriend took B and I to breakfast and asked "the big question". We had a feeling this was coming...and, of course, we gave our blessing. They've been together for a long time and he's a great guy. The only drawback was that his plan put the "big asking day" at the end of summer. So, yeah, we've known for months, but couldn't say anything. They spent the summer apart, and K2 spent the summer away from home, so that made it easier. Until he came home from his summer job...Anyway, yesterday he took her to the amusement park where they had their first kiss, and asked her on the same ride. I told you he's a good guy!
Today, we had an earthquake.
I was sitting at my desk when things started shaking...the blinds, the world map on the wall behind my desk, my computer monitor...I ignored it at first thinking it was one of the women who works at the end of the hall and her big chunky shoes. Then we thought someone had been on the roof. I never once thought earthquake until the very end.
When I called home to check on things, I didn't mention the quake. K4 did. Her exact words were: "Did you know we had an earthquake? I thought the T-rex in the basement woke up and I thought, oh dang, now I have to feed him."
I am thrilled she was not freaked out. She's more upset about school starting than some dumb old earthquake and she made her displeasure known before 6th grade orientation tonight.
And that's how the last two days have gone for me. Gah, it's only Tuesday...what in the heck is going to happen tomorrow?

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