Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Survival: Year Three: Entry Five

The end of the warm season is approaching. In less than a few short weeks, the natives will return to their educational institutions. I am sad. It has been a much different season around the camp this year. They are sad as well. The natives still requiring education are moving into new arrangements and I think there is some trepidation involved. There is trepidation involved for me as well - in the trading of shells and beads for the necessary educational supplies.
While we countdown to the new season, we are preparing the camp for ease of use. Today, we cleaned the youngest natives tent. It was traumatizing for me. The youngest native has an affinity for scissors - always has. Despite my skills at hiding the sharp objects, she always manages to locate them. In fact, I believe she is better at hiding them than I am. The entire time I assisted her in the dumpster filling, I did not see one pair of scissors. There was a ton of evidence that she has them though - cut up paper, shaved chalk, doll pants made into shorts, doll hair. At one point, she asked that I let her clean a particular area. I declined due to the guilty look on her face. I expected much worse, and to be fair, I had given her permission to cut the doll's hair.
The job is done now. It is a good feeling to have that particular chore checked off the list that never seems to end. Now we move on to the third native's room - the one that requires remodeling. I am scared. I have not ventured into that particular territory for quite some time. I will need a strong drink, I am sure.
While I will mourn the passing of summer, I do look forward to the cooler season - to the leaves changing colors, cooler temperatures, warm foods, and sweatshirts. It's my favorite time of year. I'm not quite ready for it yet though. There is still a few summer things to look forward to.
In the meantime, I must take inventory of my scissors and make sure they are hidden properly.

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