Saturday, December 10, 2011

Viruses Aren't Funny

So K2 has a really nasty virus on her computer. Really nasty.
Her virus protection didn't catch it. Still hasn't. I downloaded the program I'd told her to download when she got the computer, and thought we had it...
That was about seven hours ago...
I'm still working on it. She has work tomorrow and all of her lesson plans are on the say she's freaking out a little would be an understatement. Or she was. She's since calmed some and has resigned herself to the possibility of a system wipe.
Though I will say, we actually spent money on a program that had immediately detected the problems when we ran the free trail. After we paid, it removed one. I've emailed them, and we're going to get her money back or you'll hear a lot of screaming going on from here. I am totally kicked myself for taking the easy, but expensive, fix.
I hate to say it, but I *think* I've got it now. Nasty bugger. I downloaded the free anti-virus that I use and immediately upon installation it had quarantined and deleted it. Yeah, we're definitely getting our money back. Now I'm running another Anti-spyware program to make sure. It's taking forever, but the popups we were getting immediately upon log in haven't shown up.
We'll see...
Stupid people making stupid nasty viruses! Seriously!


Ava Quinn said...

Totally stupid people!

Glad it's getting cleared off. Hope she recovers everything fully!

Victoria said...

Yes. Yes, they are!!
I kicked it to the curb! Yay!