Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow Storm...

I was going to post pictures of the massive amount of snow we got yesterday, but the camera is broken and my phone takes crappy pictures, so...
Anyway...Yeah, snowstorm in October.
Fantastic! Everything was cancelled and we ended up with a rare day with no obligations...well, except the weekly trip to the grocery store and the shoe buying, but we did those things just as the snow was beginning. We looked a little ridiculous in the massively crowded store with our overloaded weekly cart. We weren't the only ones though - we must have bumped into about ten people we know doing the same thing we were.
The storm was kind of scary though. We lost a lot of limbs from the big trees in the back yard - which meant today was spent with the chainsaw. On the whole, the damage wasn't as bad as we feared. We never lost power and except for the fence, nothing was destroyed.
We made chili, cookies, vodka drinks for the man and I, watched Lord of the Rings and did laundry. It was really really nice not to have to be anywhere. The folks came over since they were without lights and we hung out and talked - which was really good.
I hope it snows its butt off this winter!

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