Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sure Fire Ways to Irritate Me...

1. Pull out in front of me and then go ten miles under the speed limit.
2. Ask me if I've found everything I was looking for after I've unloaded my cart onto the register. I wouldn't be here if I didn't, and I'm intelligent enough to ask someone.
3. Fail to control your child and allow him to disrupt adult conversations.
4. Start talking about Christmas in October. I feel a grinch coming on...
5. Use my truck and don't tell me it's out of gas.
6. Be as smelly as my dog.
7. Continue to harass and attempt to tease me after I've told you I've had a bad day.
8. Drink the last bit of cold water in the fridge and put the container back empty.
...okay, so pretty much everything irritates me today. Long day - one I'm not going to share because the list is negative enough and tomorrow has to be better. Right? Please?
Yes. Tomorrow will be better...

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