Friday, April 22, 2011

Text Conversation...

A text conversation between K2 and K3:
K2: Well, you're adopted. Ask Mom.
K3: You're adopted.
K2: That's why I'm better looking than you, because I'm not adopted.
K3: God doesn't like it when you lie.
K2: That's what I told you.
K3: I think you forgot to take your medicine.
K2: What?
K3: You're off your meds.
K2: You're off your meds more.
K2: Ask Mom. She'll tell you you're adopted.
K3: Then why do I look like Dad?
K2: You don't. They just tell you that to make you think you're not adopted.
K3: You're adopted.
...I stopped listening at this point because it circled back. I even had a text on my phone that said: "Quick, tell K3 he's adopted." Oh and did I mention most of this happened while they were sitting beside each other on the couch?
I love my life...

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