Monday, April 04, 2011

Major Slacker!

Man! I said I would come back on Saturday and I never did! I'm sorry if you were looking for me! seems a little silly to do Feel Good Friday today, on Monday. Especially since...well, it's Monday and let's face it, Monday's suck.
Though, today wasn't so bad. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. We got some yard work done, and I got a very decent amount of editing done on the "Dark Angel meets Firefly meets Red Dawn" story. Yes, it's editing time. It's also Writing Blast time, in addition to the 50/50 Challenge and those things add up for some fantastic progress - like a much needed kick in the pants.
In other news, the warm weather has enticed the stink bugs and we are once again battling those nasty little buggers. K4 was keeping count of how many she flushed, until she totally freaked out because they were everywhere. The husband was collecting them from the living room before he decided to turn the lights off. I'm not liking this. Not at all.
What else? Well, not much. It's Monday...

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