Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday Random

The temps were in the 70's today and are supposed to be the same tomorrow. Yay! But we all know winter will come back soon enough! Which is actually fine by me. I would love some major snow!! And I mean MAJOR snow - like a few feet or more!
I don't care if you think I'm weird for that! I love nothing more than being "stuck" in my house - writing, watching Lord of the Rings, playing Grand Theft Auto with my kids (in death mode), writing, cooking, napping - and SNOW! And yeah, I don't even mind shoveling... (too much) This is why I think moving to Alaska would be cool, but I do know that I would get sick of it after a long while. (a really long while)
But, I did love having the windows down and running around in no shoes... I don't know what that means when you match it up to wanting to be snowed in... Hmmm...
It's Thursday!
Friday is in a few hours and that's a very good thing. Just gotta get through the day job hours to get to the relaxation of the weekend.
The weekend is a little bit crazy with some fun stuff thrown in. Looking forward to it. I get to see both of my sisters at the same time (and hopefully my brother) and hear my brother-in-laws band, and sleep in. Can't ask for much more than that. (we're not talking about the laundry I have to do, or the pantry and linen closet clean out that must happen)
That is all for now... My pillow is calling to me...

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