Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feel Good Friday - The I Suck Edition

I meant to blog this past week! I did! But it just never happened... It was a crazy week, for sure! Anyway... Let's hit the highlights!
1. Grandkid day! Got to see K5 all day. She is so smart and silly. Got to see Baby B this evening. He's getting so big and was actually awake for quite a while!
2. Dinner with all of my kiddos. (that included cramming 5 of us into the clown car and driving up hills and on winding roads) (The 'burban is out of commission at the moment. Quite possibly out of commission forever...)
3. A good Saturday - sleeping in, bagels with my girls, picking up wedding dresses, movie time with the bff, chinese food for dinner, excellent conversations with K4, getting in two missed episodes of Supernatural (I'm still behind!), going out to see my b-i-l's band and a bunch of friends. (Also, getting told I'm sexy by a total stranger - even though it made me laugh. Seriously? Not.)
4. A bunch of really good dinners last week.
5. Writing time - though that hasn't happened yet this weekend.
That's all for now!

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