Monday, December 15, 2008

Moaning Monday

I think I'm cursed.
The list:
1. Bad tree lights.
2. Not knowing about things I should have known about and then getting the brush off when I ask why I wasn't informed.
3. People being in bad moods.
4. Non-stop rushing around.
5. Trying to get the tree decorated and having issue after issue prevent the decorating.
6. School projects that end up having to be redone because I gave the wrong instructions for making pinata glue.
7. The pile of administration duties waiting for me.
8. Being stumped in the gift department for 2 of the K's. (they're still not giving me lists)
9. Having a headache.
10. Being too tired for my own good.
It's a partial list, but the rest of it is too gory to share. Or maybe just too personal. I don't know. Moaning Monday's a downer! I don't need anymore downers!

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