Saturday, December 13, 2008

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

Yesterday was such a blur and so not a good day. It's probably good I didn't have time to post my feel good list.
Today I can do it sincerely.
Here it is:
1. Shopping with the girls.
2. Laughing through dinner, driving, shopping.
3. Getting a good start on the Christmas shopping.
4. Making writing-related decisions that have me feeling better about writing than I have in a while.
5. Hanging with my writing friends.
6. The Sims.
7. Sleeping in.
8. Events with good music and friends.
9. Not having to run around like a crazy person today.
10. This holiday being behind us in a few short weeks.
There it is.
Have to go write and decorate and make cookies and do laundry and clean and get our tree and...


AuthorM said...

Heeeee heeee!!!


Jo said...

The Sims ROCK!!!!!! LOL

you forgot about "Heather with the hickey!" LOL

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Okay, this is, like, the fifth blog I've read that mentions baking cookies.

I think I'd better put "baking cookies" on my to-do list for later in the week, or I'll be left out!

WV: gnizoti = gnome-sized biscotti

Victoria said...

I love the Sims...and I hate them, too!
Must. Stop. Playing. And Write.
:) V.

Victoria said...

I did forget about "Heather with the hickey"! Holy crap, she was the slowest waitress we've ever had!
V. :)

Victoria said...

Baking cookies is on my list, but hasn't been done yet! I might end up left out, too!!

LOL on the word verification! Too funny!!

V. :)