Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tall Tale Tuesday

The questions this week come from the same source as last week - 'Tis the Season Christmas Trivia - without alterations, except my multiple choice answer guesses.
All questions are music-related.
Here we go:

1. What carol contains the line "Bearing gifts we traverse afar"?
a. Silent Night
b. Rudolf
c. We Three Kings of Orient Are

2. What street does Santa Clause come down?
a. Mistletoe Lane
b. Santa Claus Lane
c. North 39th Street

3. Arguably, what is the horse's name in "Jingle Bells'?
a. Jumpin' Jack Flash
b. Holly
c. Bobtail

I wasn't going to make it multiple choice this week, but what the heck. My Christmas spirit is arriving and I thought a little help would pull it in better. Come on, take a guess even if you're not sure. Or just leave me a comment to tell me Tall Tale Tuesday is stupid.


sailorcross said...

Okay--I'll take a cleaning break and play!! I NEED A BREAK!!! HELP!!!

#1. c
#2. b
#3. Well, it's really c--"bells on Bobtail ring?" But, that horse should be named "Jumpin' Jack Flash" only because I love Mick Jagger!!


Bring some of the Christmas Spirit (or was that spirits that you're into?) over here immediately!!!

Hey, my word is bookeye!!

Ava Quinn said...

1. c
2. b
3. c though I like Bells on Bob's tail ring!

The post relieved some of my grinchiness! Thanks for that. Happy Christmahanikwanzica!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I have the same answers, except for #2, I'm not sure if it's a trick question or a typo. If it's a typo, it's #2, if it's a trick question, Tim Allen comes down Maple Street, Vernon Road, or I-10, depending on which movie we're talking about.

My WV is "intro." It should be "smartass." :)

Victoria said...

Not a trick question. I should have stated that all of the questions relate to Christmas songs.
Easy, huh?

Victoria said...

Hope you got your cleaning done, Beth! I'm not coming over to help you because I have enough of my own to do and am doing stupid things like cleaning under the fridge! How dumb is that? I'm ready to break out the holiday spirits! lol

Sure, M3! :) My Christmas spirit ebbs and flows. I gotta do what I can to keep it around a few more days.

Nat, :) LOL on the wv.