Friday, August 22, 2008


Don't know what happened to yesterday...I appear to have that issue on Thursdays. And it's not like anything was really going on around here anyway. It was a long, crappy day for the most part, full of house cleaning, laundry, and minor kerfluffles.
Today's the last Friday of summer vacation and we're heading out for school shopping.
Yeah. Pray for me.
I have three very detailed, very long lists of required school supplies and clothing. K2 has her own separate list of stuff she wants, which she will be funding, but requires my vehicle services and patience while I wait for her to make her selections. I have my own list of required items, that they'll have to be patient through. And we have to do the "meet and greet" thing with K4's teachers this afternoon. Then, there's the grocery shopping, which is probably not getting done today. I'm almost sure the only visit to the grocery store I'll make today will be to grab what is absolutely necessary over the next two days. The thought of coupons and long, detailed lists, hauling numerous bags inside and putting them away is like a nightmare on a regular day.
At worst, I'll have some interesting blog fodder from our adventure. ha!
That is all.

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