Saturday, August 02, 2008

Where to Begin?

First off...I forgot to say...Wow! It's August already! Ha!
Except now it's August 2nd, so there's really no point in lamenting July.
There you have that.
Today was my RWA chapter meeting. Always a blast. I get to see friends, laugh, and I usually always get chocolate (we get chocolate for rejections). I also threw my hat into the ring for our upcoming elections. I've been the chapter librarian for many years, and I'm ready to try something new. So...if it all works out, I may get elected for vice-president. We'll see. I'm excited about the opportunity to force myself out of my shell. It may not appear so, but I'm a very shy person and public speaking and I are not friends.
From there I rushed home to gather some things and the dog before heading over to my folks house. The younger K's were already there, thanks to my mom watching them for me this morning. My cousin and her fiance were also there. (Whoot! Recent engagement!! Fun wedding on the horizon!) My brother was there, but sadly, no one else from his family due to work schedules. Neither of my sisters were there due to previous obligations. It was still fun. We hung out, cooked some food, made my dog do goofy tricks, and laughed - much like last night. (which went really, really well. We had a blast.)
K2 arrived back home. Thank goodness. She had a fantastic time on her trip, but she's totally exhausted and was ready to head for home even though she took a nap while we were watching this really dumb movie about sharks with huge brains. uh...whatever...
And here I am. On my bed with my handy dandy wireless Internet. Ha! Watching an episode from season 2 of Supernatural, and thinking really hard about working on some revisions. Except I'm tired - exhausted really. Tomorrow promises to be even busier than today, but with more fun, more food, sangria, and lots of hanging out.
That's all for now.
There might not be a post tomorrow, but then, who really reads this anyway?

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