Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Okay, so this week wasn't as well received as last week, but whatever. I'm having fun doing it, so it'll continue.
The winner? My mom.
She tried to post a comment (and for that she gets tremendous credit), but it wouldn't work for her. Of course, she knows me very well, so it's obvious she knew the answer. Only she wasn't 100% sure. She said she had a vague memory. (You know there's no prize, right, mom?) ha!
The answer:
3. I once helped with pig birth.
It was when we lived in Iowa, so I was in 6th grade. I had a friend who lived on a working pig farm. Right now I can't remember her name. I'd spent the night and sometime after we'd fallen asleep, her mom woke us and said we were needed in the barn. It was cold. (the whole time we lived in Iowa it was winter! I swear!) The steam in the barn was weird to me. The sow was having problems and all hands were needed to take care of the piglets. I'd never experienced such a thing before, but after being shown what to do, I did my share of airway clearing and piglet care. It was a very cool thing.
As for number 1. Ha ha ha...I can sew buttons and patches, but if I ever tried to make my own clothes I'd look like I was wearing a sack. Then there's that pesky time issue Vicky B. mentioned. ha!
Number 2? I'm reasonably versed in the basics of engine mechanics (meaning old car engines-not newer ones), but definitely not auto body repair.
So there you have it!
Come back for more lies same time next week...


Jo said...

I read your post yesterday, and have every intention of responding....i answer was going to be #3...I can so totally see you doing that! HA!

Victoria said...

Ha! You would have been a winner! Next week will be hard...even for people who know me...ooohhhhh! :)

Jo said...

bring it on! :o)

Victoria said...

You asked for it! Bwah ha ha!!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Okay, HONEST, I guessed before I read this!

I can see I'll have to make sure to read your blog every day so as not to miss the time window, seeing as I'm so good at this. You know, for someone who didn't grow up with you.

Cheaters. >:(

Victoria said...

Bwah ha ha! Yeah, I can definitely see how, when I start actually giving prizes, I'm going to have to put some rules in place! LOL