Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tall Tale Tuesday

Remember when I first started this blog and had the bathroom quiz?
And how said quiz ended abruptly when multiple weird things stopped showing up in the bathroom on a regular basis? (Not that I don't often find strange items in there)
Anyway. I started thinking about an alternative, and I came up with Tall Tale Tuesday. Every Tuesday (providing I remember - ha) I'll post lies. Either in multiple choice format with one truth thrown in, (you'll have to figure out what's true and what's a lie) or I'll tell you a story (you'll guess whether or not it's the truth). No prizes yet, but that's a future possibility.
Sounds easy, right?
Okay, then. Here we go.
Today is multiple choice. You tell me what's the truth.
1. I used to teach a dog training class at a local pet store.
2. I once was attacked by a Maine Coon.
3. I was born in the backseat of my parent's car.
So...have at it. Two are lies. Only one is the truth.
Tomorrow I'll give you the answers - even if no one comments! (come on, people, comment - I know at least some people read this! You don't need a blogger account!)


Jo said...

you are my best friend, and I'm not even sure which is the truth!!!!! I'll answer on my own, and not call your mom OR your sister!!!!

My answer is....2 no wait...3, yeah, it 1?

I'm going with 3. Final Answer!

Natalie Damschroder said...

I think #1 is the truth, but I need clarification on #2. Do you mean a raccoon from Maine, or a Maine coon cat?

One is more believable than the other, you know. :)

Victoria said...

Jo - calling my mom or sister is not fair!
Nat - Whichever one floats your boat...

(see... these are tricks to get me to reveal the truth when it's not time. Not. Falling. For. It.)

Vicky B said...

Knowing you - any of the above. But... I'd bet on number 2 - being attacked by a Maine Coon - cat or otherwise. :)

Vicky B.

Anonymous said...

ok so I know that you were not born on the backseat of Mom and Dad's car! You did not teach dog the maine coon, but were you really attacked or just thought that you were going to be??????