Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Random Business

1. One of the hamsters died. The funeral commenced last night after much sorrow from K3 who had been taking care of the poor little critter. Said hamster had not been well for a while.
2. K1 gets the stitches out of his ear today. It's healed quite nicely and he's eager to get them out.
3. Kids fighting. Fighting. Fighting. No one can seem to leave anyone alone. Ever. K4 is quietly playing by herself and K3 will not stop pestering.
4. Fighting gives me a headache.
5. It's a beautiful day today. Not too hot. Nice breeze. I swear I had to use a crowbar to get the K's outside though. Go figure.
6. K2 has made the decision not to return to her arts school. There were many factors behind the choice and it's taken her quite a while to come to her final conclusion. I'm a little sad, but also relieved because of the travel/schedule conflicts. The courses she'll pick up in high school will serve her better for her college choices.
7. Thinking about colleges gives me a headache.
8. Even though there's over 2 weeks before school starts, not an hour goes by that I'm not asked about going school shopping.
9. School shopping gives me a headache.
10. Revisions are coming along nicely. I made a lot of progress yesterday, and plan the same for today.
11. I miss Supernatural! When I sat down at my computer there was a lovely picture of the boys with their "anti-possession" tattoos. It will take all my strength not to spend the afternoon on you tube looking at Sam and Dean videos.
That is all.

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