Monday, August 18, 2008

Last Monday

This time next week, the kiddos will be sitting behind their desks in the great halls of learning. Weird, because usually I'm so ready for school to start again - not because they're driving me nuts, but because the lack of schedule has taken a toll. I don't have that urge for some reason this year. Go figure.
I had wanted to use this week for total relaxation and a last bit of summer fun. Then I looked at everything that's on the schedule. Ha! Between orientations, schedule pickups, teacher meet-and-greets, school shopping, appointments, and other obligations...ha ha ha. We'll see what we can manage...
On the writing front...
I *think* I may have taken the challenge last week. Not sure yet, the final totals aren't up yet. If I didn't, it's not for lack of trying. This week is the last week and since most of us have the same pre-school events and obligations, the winner will be anyones guess. The new pages are finally flowing the way they should. I'm not in mourning over anything but the wasted time anymore. This week will be more pages, some owed critiques, and then more pages, though I am taking a more relaxed approach due to everything going on.
Tomorrow is another "Tall Tale Tuesday".
Look for it. Comment.
Bear with me as I fine tune it.

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