Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Thursday

Me and mine daddeh. Was going to post it for Father's Day. Here we are in the "classic family pose". There are hundred, nay probably thousands, of pictures of the members of my family in this particular pose. I told my dad I was posting it here. I don't think he believed me, and I'm not sure he's okay with it, but since you can only see beard, tongue, and sunglasses, I think it's still pretty hard to tell what he looks like.

So, here's my random Thursday list:

1. I'm trying to figure out what music best suits the tone of the book I'm working on. My playlists are completely worn out and I find myself listening to the same music over and over. No. I do not have an iPod, but it's on the wish list. Right now, I'm listening to Jason Manns and Jensen Ackles sing "Crazy Love". I love it with the intensity of a million fiery suns, but I need more music. Darker music.

2. I'm on target with my public goal posting so far. I've averaged 500 to 1000 words more than my goal, which will carry me if I end up with an off day. The flowers are planted. I'm a little concerned about the youngest child's bedroom, and the title for the new book though. We shall see.

3. The fourth of July is coming up super fast. Kind of shocked me when I realized it's next weekend already. Holy crap!

4. I will not step on slugs in my bare feet today.

5. I will remember to water said planted flowers today.

*Slight off topic tidbit for people who belong to the same parent writing organization that I do. Pay attention, people. Do your research. Learn what's going on and decide how you feel about it. Fill out your proxy vote and get it to someone who shares your views. Vote. Let your voice be heard. Change cannot happen if people don't voice their opinions. I'm not going to go into my opinions at this time, but I will once I feel I'm educated enough on the matter.*

Oh, and I feel another Summer Survival Journal coming on. Wait for it.



Susan Kelley said...

Good job on those writing goals. I agree about the 4th coming up. Where did June go? I think I spent it cringing inside while it rained. Ugh! Slugs!

Victoria said...

I think we all spent June holed up indoors while it rained!! I sure don't know what happened to my June!
Slugs are not my friend!