Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Thanks to everyone who took a guess!
Ready for the answer?

1. Someone decided to make bandages for imaginary wounds out of the toilet paper, leaving us with none when we were expecting company. (and toilet paper bits strewn all over the house)
Nope. But not out of the realm of possibilities. Recently, someone wrote on a half of a roll - in red ink, which was pretty gross looking.

2. The weekend I wrecked my thumb, B was trimming trees and got similarly wrecked thanks to a huge branch. It was either take the injury or break the neighbors window. Yes. His injuries weren't too terrible. A bunch of deep scratches over his arms, legs, and chest. And a bruise over most of his chest. I honestly forgot about it when I blogged about the gardening. He didn't need bandages, so that's probably why.

3. The same someone decided to dig little graves near the swing set, and buried several toys she figured were dead. She even made little head stones. And had a fit when B told her to dig them up and fill in the holes. No pictures of this and that's a shame. Nope. But also not out of the realm of possibilities.

My mom sent me a picture to use for next week.
That's all for now.

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Ava Quinn said...

Yay me and my defaultiness!!