Saturday, June 27, 2009

Goal Update:

Saturday's here, so lets look at what I did and didn't do this week...

1. Finish youngest girl-child's bedroom reorganization.
Nope. Got a little closer, but so not done. Soon. I hope.
2. Plant the flowers I brought home on Sunday.
Yes, and they're very pretty - the ones that weren't blooming are getting ready to.
3. Write - I had a decent day yesterday, but I need to do more. I'll set my writing goal for an average of 2,000 words per day. It should be higher, but there are some obligations that might throw me off this week. Yes. I came in a little over my 2k words per day, and am very close to meeting my monthly goal. The obligations happened and interfered, but I'd say I sufficiently managed.
4. Figure out a title for the current work in progress. Close, but no dice yet. I actually need two titles - one for the book I mentioned, and another for a different book. That's what my brain is working on today, so I should figure it out soon.

I'm not sure I'll set any goals for next week. To say the week is wonky would be an understatement. Did you know next Saturday is July 4th? Huh. That happened a little too fast for me.
That's all for right now.

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