Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hi, my name is Victoria and I'm an idiot.
We were having a fantastic evening last night - a nice dinner, a fire in our backyard burner, candles lit on the patio and picnic table, lots of good conversation...
Then, B went down to help K1 replace a bulb in his car and the fire was starting to look a little sad, so I thought I'd chop this hideous log into smaller pieces...
Do you have an idea of where this is going?
You should.
Yeah, I totally whacked my thumb. Not so much blood, but a pretty good gash that probably should have had a couple of stitches. K1 almost had a nervous breakdown over it and instantly went into mother hen mode. He went out and got new peroxide and band aids and forced me to submit to his ministrations.
It hurts. Quite a bit. But luckily, for some reason, I don't use that thumb to type. I tend to hold it up off the keyboard anyway and sometimes it gets stiff from lack of use, so I guess if it had to happen, that thumb was the right one to whack.
I've been threatened with bubble wrap...


Ava Quinn said...

Holy crap! You're doing better? That stinks about your thumb.

When you mentioned fire and where is this going, I immediately thought you'd caught your hair on fire again.

Hope you feel better soon!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Man, Smith. *shakes head*

Victoria said...

LOL, M3.
No fire. This time.

I know, Nat. I know.

What can I say?