Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Survival Journal: Entry Three

It is raining again.
I do not know what to do with myself anymore. The natives are on an endless cycle of video games, piano playing, and yes, fighting. My ears cannot take much more. Nor can my soul. If I move, someone follows. It does not matter where I go or how stealthily I think I've been. One of them is there...talking to me. Asking me inane questions about food, refreshments, plans, what I'm doing...They walk behind my chair and bump into it. Even the private bodily function elimination chamber is not safe from their following. There is no lock on the door either. At least only the female ones follow me inside. The males are content to stand outside and holler their requests through the door. The phone being against my ear puts them all on high alert. The noise level instantly increases, as do the arguments, and the questions. Always with the questions. It is impossible to call for help as they monitor my every conversation. I must consistently put on the facade of contentment.
The oldest girl native left camp today. The younger natives are not handling this transition well. Especially the youngest. She has taken to warlike behavior. I am apprehensive - mostly about the natives status in a faraway land. It is hard to know what my place is in this world. I have to believe I am here for a reason. Somehow I think my purpose is greater than what I see on the surface. That helps to comfort me in this time.
I am ever hopeful help will arrive soon. The form of sunshine would be much appreciated.