Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Less Than Two Days...

This wedding will be over soon, so just be patient with me for the next few days! The wedding insanity will end for a little while (but not for long, since K2's wedding is coming!).
Here's where I'm at:
The food for rehearsal has been purchased and stored properly. Cole Slaw has been made. Burgers and dogs are stored in my freezer. The "watermelon cake" K1 requested is 1/3 done (it takes time and many trips to the freezer). The food for the wedding has been purchased. The sauce for baked ziti has been made (mine is the "special sauce" ziti). Five hundred thousand muffins have been made for the wedding morning (okay, so I exaggerate, but I have learned my oven is very uneven and burns half of whatever you put inside. Dammit!)
Many other things have been purchased and organized. The veil (that was kind of forgotten about) has been made by a wonderful friend. Some other things need to be taken care of.  Like my dress. Still have no idea on that one. My sister has taken care of hers, but sadly, I wasn't able to join her in the shopping for the dresses tonight. I did, however, get to bond with the terrific toddler of the Godfather of our children while we picked up wedding essentials. She's so funny. I taught her how to snore and she showed me the deer in their backyard. And made me miss my granddaughter a whole lot.
The other thing is that... at two days before the wedding... my hair has gone crazy. It's only about a half an inch long, but it's sticking up like crazy! I can't comb it down at all. So I will look like the insane mother of the groom at the wedding with my nutso hair and without a dress I feel comfortable in. Oy! (Sorry... little freak out moment there...)
There is a whole heck of a lot of stuff to do... I am supposed to be editing the vows right now, but it's super late and after the day job day I had today, my eyes are crossing (that and the fact that I didn't get home until almost 9, and then made all of the above food items with K2 and K3 singing songs from Disney and Rent in the background...)
I have to get the rest of the stuff done tomorrow... like the flowers for the flower girl and ring bearer and the wedding dog... (don't ask). And pack. And finish the watermelon cake. And go to a meeting I can't get out of. And find a dress...because Friday is rehearsal day and decorating day...
And it's going to be awesome!
Because watching my son marry the woman of his heart is priceless....


Ava Quinn said...

Ai yi yi!
I say go buy a wig at one of the Halloween shops that pop up like weeds this time ove year. My vote is for a bride of Frankenstein one. With the shock of white and it standing up. Very classy.

Good luck and have fun!

Victoria said...

I should have done that! Dang!
Thanks and we did have fun. It was a gorgeous day and the wedding was awesome!