Saturday, September 08, 2012

What Day Is It??

One week from today...
There is still SO freaking much to do! And thanks to a little paycheck snafu, I am dead in the water at the moment. Blarg!
As soon as my laundry is caught up, I will be heading into the wilds to work on decorations, flowers, plans. I've made some of the boutonnieres. They turned out well. And the throw bouquet. It's cute and the bride loves it. I've never done this kind of flower thing before, but I'm digging it. As it turns out, it's a good thing I like it, because K2 informed me that I will be doing it for her wedding, too. (though she waited to tell me until after the first few boutonnieres were made. Guess she wanted to make sure I could actually do it! ha!)
I forgot the flowers for the bridesmaids and thanks to the above, I can't pick them up on my way to the mountain. I need to pick them up though and a hundred other things, so will have to work out a plan.
This next week will be insane! I even have an itinerary started just to make sure I can get everything done!
But I'm looking forward to it! I love this kind of chaos and I love the fact that my son is marrying the woman of his heart. She's wonderful and fits in perfectly with this family.

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