Thursday, April 12, 2012


A random Thursday list...
1. My eyes are killing me. Don't know if there's some allergy action involved, or if it's just plain eyestrain. But ouch and woe!
2. In the eye department, K4 lost her glasses today. Oy! Hopefully they show up tomorrow. If they don't, it means my eye appointment is pushed back...again, so her glasses can be replaced. (See #1)
3. Holy Homework Thursday! Two kids with ten tons of homework. And they both needed the computer at the same time. Ack! (The upside of Holy Homework Thursday is that I stayed home to supervise the homework and was in my jammies - and writing - before 7pm! Yay!)
4. When I asked K2 what she wanted for dinner tonight, she sent me a picture of a penguin. Needless to say, we did not have penguin for dinner. (We did have some kick ass stir fry. With chicken.)
5. I have made pretty dang good writing progress tonight. (That's not random. Just good.)
6. The cat has totally taken over the dog bed. It's a big bed (for a big dog). And the dog does nothing about the infringement. She will lay right beside her bed and let the cat have it. It's cute and proof that my puppy is just a huge teddy bear.
7. I'm cold. And my favorite striped socks have holes in them. I will need some new favorite striped socks before the retreat!
8. Tomorrow is Friday, which is not random, but a fact. And I am damn glad!
9. Saturday has the promise of being a good day. Already I know I will be sleeping in, writing, and not cooking. Or doing anything I don't want to do. Yay! (Because...shhh...Saturday is my birthday!)
10. I am in the middle of a good book and my eyes are bothering me too much to continue. How very sad is that?
Okay. Enough random. Time for bed.


Ava Quinn said...


Happy birthday to you,
You live in a zoo. . .

wait, is that a hitting a little too close to home oh thee with a child who wants penguin for dinner?

Booooo! to # 1, 2, 7, & 10.

YAAAAAY!! to # 5!!! 8 & 9!

Now I need to go give my exclamation key a rest. Have a good weekend.


Victoria said...

Thanks, Ava! I do live in a zoo!
2 has been resolved. The glasses have been found!
You have a good weekend, too!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

1. You were having sympathy pains. Or need new glasses. GO TO THE DOCTOR.

2. Phew! Now GO TO THE DOCTOR. :)

6. My cat used to do that, too, and the dog did the same thing. She'd lie next to the bed and give me The Eyes.

Not the sore eyes, the "help me" eyes. Hope yours are feeling better.

Victoria said...

I know! I know! I will!