Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up...

Birthday weekends are awesome! You get to begin celebrating early and continue all weekend. Which I did.
Saturday was a good day - slept in, stayed in my jammies all day, read, wrote. The man made a fantastic dinner and cleaned up. We had good conversation and laughter. The 'rents stopped by with a present for me and I didn't do anything I didn't want to do.
Today was working on the sidewalk. We have to "bring them up to code" because our town is repaving the roads and all sidewalks have to be repaired and stuff. Our deadline is looming. The man was out there grinding cracks and slinging cement. We "think" they're about done, but have to have the code guy come out and check. Our repairs weren't nearly as bad as we thought - not like other property owners, which is lucky for us, but still work.
I made major writing progress. Did laundry, grocery shopped, made dinner, swept the floor (a million times, because of all of the dust).
The bad thing about today is that my kid is sick. We thought she was having an allergic reaction to face paint from an event she went to last night, but a fever of 102.5* (with motrin on board) says differently. Now she's coughing. I can hear her misery and it makes me sad.
And...tomorrow is Monday. Again. I really could use one more day of sleeping in and relaxing...

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