Saturday, November 11, 2017

Feel Good... Saturday?

Yeah... It's Saturday...

And there is lots of Feel Good....

1. Sleeping in was great this morning, but I did get up and got to the day job. That was okay and good - I'm not doing my regular job on overtime, but helping our sister company out in getting orders entered so it's kind of cool to get paid for doing something different. Still super productive because we'll be getting this new system soon so knowing what to expect is awesome.

2. Getting the shopping done for the week. I have no idea what we're actually eating, but we're covered for whatever... And I saved a crapton of money on coupons.

3.  The adulting stuff is done - bills paid, vacuuming, laundry (almost).

4. Writing for the day has also been done. Yay! Yeah, it's not enough, but I did do it! If it wasn't for the 50/50 challenge I would have written nothing today! Ha! But I did it!

5. Holidays coming! Yay!

That's it for now!! My boys just got home so I need to give hugs!


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