Friday, November 24, 2017

Feel Good Friday

Weird week Friday!

Realized my Thanksgiving post never showed up.... Oy! That's because my computer crashed as I was trying to post!

Had to do the day job today. It was sooo boring. All of my sales reps were out today. I talked to two of them, which is exactly how many times my phone rang. (totally unusual. Normally my phone rings non-stop) I did get caught up, which is great. Helped a co-worker get caught up, too. Also great. We were fed pizza, which clashed with my epic Thanksgiving leftovers, but was super nice. I am still full.

Got home and That Man and I went out to do some talking and stuff. We were supposed to go hear our friend's band for the last time ever, but I ended up feeling like utter crap so we didn't go farther than Chili's and Sheetz. Went to Chili's and had some appetizers. And a beer. Stopped at Sheetz to get K4 some dinner.

Now I'm hanging out on the couch trying to take care of things. I have to be at the bookstore for small business Saturday tomorrow. I do get to sleep in a little though. But yeah, I do feel like hell.



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