Wednesday, November 08, 2017

What Day Is It?

Just kidding. I do know that it's stupid Wednesday. Sorry, Wednesday. It's not really your fault. Not really.

This week, well, same as previous weeks at the day job. Now overtime has opened up, which is awesome for the budget. And I will work as much as I possibly can. It's actually fine. I'm glad the OT came back and am happy to help out.

Writing has gone pretty well this week. I missed last night, but that's because Indian food is the best! Seriously.

I'm not feeling so hot tonight - achey, sneezy, and exhausted - but I still got my words done and not just the minimum either. And I did some laundry and fought with the furnace.

We're in the birthday chaos of our family right now - over the past two weeks we have had five? and we still have several to go! We also have a lot of milestone birthdays! K3 and S turned 21. My oldest niece turns 30. (do I feel old!) Once birthdays are over, (well, they don't really stop) we head into the holidays (with more birthdays).

Tomorrow is Thursday. Which is the start of a beautiful thing. Though, I think I am working Saturday now. But whatever. Working because of the overtime is different than working a regular day. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Ha!

It's bedtime!


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