Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Turkey Day!

*This didn't post last night when it was supposed to!!

It was a good day!

Stayed up later than I needed to last night. Got up and made Mr B pancakes and his "cookie" sausage. He's so funny about breakfast! I love it! None of the rest of us really ate.

Last night, K4 and I made vegan cornbread, vegan mushrooms, sugar cookies, pumpkin pies... I stayed up until way after midnight making sure things were cool enough to be put away. K4 made the most amazing dip/frosting for her cookies! It was seriously a "just get me a spoon" kind of thing.

The poor kid though... She came down this morning with the premonition of a migraine. Her eye was twitching big time and she hadn't been able to go back to sleep when she woke at four. She took medicine and did everything she could to stave off the pain. She ended up spending a lot of her time away from everyone to make sure she didn't go into full blown migraine, but she still ended up in a world of pain. (We are a loud family - not on purpose - just by volume!) That sucked for her and for us! But everyone understood that and accepted her for what she could give.

They also completely covered my vegan kid. He came armed with his own food, but ended up having so many options to chose from. Going vegan isn't so bad...if you don't like bacon or But I love that my brother bought him mushrooms and tofu and then sent the tofu home with him! And my sister made vegan stuffing for him. And our sister made vegan sweet potatoes for him.

Also, Mr. B had a blast! He loves his aunts and uncles and cousins, and who else get preferential treatment? Seriously... Do families get any better than that?

We did our name draw for Christmas. Watched movies. Talked and hung out.

My family is the best mix of weird, funny, twisted and everything! It's still super weird not having the folks here. We all feel it. Like a stabbing awareness and there is a special kind of pain that is individual to each person. We all have our own memories, but most are shared...

You look over and think... "mom would have thought that was hysterical" or "Dad would have given me that look that means what?" "And the food mom would have brought.... oy!

God, I miss them! I think they would have been proud of our holiday. Mom, was about us all being together. Making those memories... Which we definitely did. Dad always seemed like he sat on the sidelines (ten minutes more), but after sifting through their stuff when we cleaned out the house, I kind of think that Dad was way more nostalgic that we ever thought. Dad would have cracked up at Mr. B today. They would have had such a good time together.

It's only been a year since we sold their house, so we get to do this holiday grieving thing a little longer than you think we should. You don't know, so you can't judge.

When we got home, I talked to our UB, which was an excellent conversation. He misses our mom and dad as much as we do.

Tomorrow it's off to work... Oy...


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