Saturday, February 22, 2014

Long Dog Day...

I went to see the boy scouts at their event after sleeping in way after my parents left for their chores. They picked me up and I was so excited to go with them.
I puked in the truck. Then I tried to eat it. I couldn't settle on the trip there. There was so much to see. When I first got to the camp, I was afraid of everything and everyone. That didn't last long.
Lots of boys came to visit me and then I realized these people were friends. The boys from the troop were all around me and I realized I love them. They're nice to me. They like me. I played in the mud. I ate dropped potato chips out of the muddy water. I loved seeing and playing with the boys and begging them for their food (even though my parents told them not to feed me). I liked my adventure. There was snow and boys to play with!
I slept almost the whole way home, except when the road got bumpy. Then I had to make sure mommy and daddy were still there. When I got home, I was ready to sleep, but the parents said it was time to go. We went to the pet store, where I got a harness and a new collar and a few new toys. I met some other dogs, too, and some nice people and babies like my boy, Baby B.
Then those women I live with went into another store and I hung out with Daddy - watching the birds in the parking lot. I wanted to chase them. Daddy said wait. And I was tired and wanted to go home. But the women didn't take long.
It was such a beautiful day. I bit the wind and had my head out of the window as much as possible. And then I slept for a long time. I even forgot our trip to the pet store... I forgot that I'd agreed to my new harness. I forgot I'd picked out a new toy. The collar the parents got me ended up being too small. It hurt my neck. They took it off of me and said they'd get me a new one. Apparently I have a whole bunch of tags that need to be attached to it. Who cares... I don't.
I know they are sympathetic to my sad look and I use that to my advantage. I know they understand I'm still a puppy and forgive me for my transgressions...
I'm a work in progress, but my family understands that...
My mommy says...
(What does that mean?)

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