Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Tuesday's Thoughts...

I seriously typed Friday above. For the past hour or so, I was convinced it was Friday. Ack! It's only Tuesday. 

1. Today is That Man's birthday! He hates birthday celebrations. Too bad. He's having one with his kids tonight. This is a milestone birthday for him, and no, I'm not telling you which one. He did pick dinner (chicken fried steak), but refused to decide on a cake (so I did it for him). I think I might be the luckiest woman on the planet to have this guy. He's my very best friend. He loves me no matter what, supports me, motivates me, dreams with me, forgives me, isn't afraid to tell me I'm a freak (ha!), or dress my wounds when I do something stupid. We rarely, if ever, fight, and if we do it's over quickly. He's the best thing that ever happened to me and I would walk through fire for him. I will always put him and our children above all else. 

2. The grocery store SUCKED this morning. We're due for another storm tonight into tomorrow. I needed rice flour so I can make K2's chicken fried steak gluten free and drinks for tonight and fabric softener. It took twice as long as normal and the store only had 2 regular registers open. The lines were at least six deep when I was ready to check out. I went to the self scanner, which wasn't too bad, but still sucked. Anyways, I shouldn't have to go back until Friday. But... We're due for another winter storm on Saturday, so... UGH!

3. A friend asked me this question this morning and I've been mulling it over for hours. Is it fair that someone makes a decision based on one side of a story? Apparently a private conversation was shared with a third party, which is irritating and unacceptable all by itself, and maybe this third party thinks they know both sides based on that conversation, but I don't think that's fair. A few emotional emails and you've decided your finished with someone without even trying to get their side? This person was, my friend thought, someone close to him. They had just been at an event together and as far as he knows, she had no stakes in the discussion he was having. Interesting. It's also interesting that in the conversation one of the parties was accused of speaking behind the other's back... Isn't sharing a private conversation the same thing? And before you think my friend has done the same thing, he didn't. I have no idea what or who any of it was about, except that he's pretty hurt and confused by the idea that someone would judge him without knowing the whole of both sides, and by the sharing of the private conversation. He just needed a little validation and support and yes, I asked if it was okay if I posed the question here. Opinions?

4. It's been a long week already and it's only Tuesday. Yesterday was brutal in so many ways. I keep going over the day in my head and I still can't figure things out. 

5.  It's February and my hutch is still full of Christmas dishes, my piano is still decorated, and Santa is on the front porch. I think I've moved from an understandable delay to total holiday ridiculousness. In my defense for the hutch, I wanted to change how I stored my dishes but with the arrival of the new puppy I've had very little time to implement my plan. Yeah, I know I should be doing that instead of blogging. Shh. 

Okay. Okay. I'm going. 


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