Saturday, February 08, 2014

Today's Stuff...

Today was pretty awesome!
There was an author event at one of our local greenhouses / farm stores today with many members from my local writing chapter, and another author (unfortunately I didn't get to talk to her much, though I wanted to!.). We had a blast! It was so busy! Lot's of folks coming through! My release buddy and I maned the door for a while. I had chocolate, and some swag to give away. I did come home with way less chocolate and swag than I left with. I got to talk to a whole bunch of awesome people. I got to show off my grandson and introduce my family to my writing friends. That was awesome! It was so much fun!
A lot of my friends and chapter mates came out to see us! That was awesome! And they brought friends, which was also awesome! I met so many great people today, including my mother-in-law's neighbor, which is truly hysterical... her daughter is Vicky - married to Bob. I am Vicki - married to Bob. Vicky and Bob have four kids. Vicki (me) and Bob have four kids. We're friends. It's awesome! Our mothers live next door to each other! Also, one of my very bestest friends ever brought me flowers. It was so very awesome! I was so surprised and touched that she made the time to come and see me! She's always supported me, even if she doesn't really read what I write! I find that so awesome and I love her! (I also love the fact that her husband and my husband were shoveling, wait...  hacking ice today...)
I had to leave early though!(and I missed the after signing lunch craziness!! Dang!) Today is my baby sister's milestone birthday!! Her mother-in-law planned this awesome tea party lunch. It was so cool! From the special dishes to the fantastic teas to the phenomenal food - we had such a good time. (The place even had that "poo-pourri spray" in the bathroom. If you  haven't seen it, google it, and don't close your screen because what looks like an annoying commercial is really the ad for the product and is so very funny!) None of us "really" tried it, (as far as anyone would admit! LOL) though we all sprayed it just to see what it was all about! LOL! We had soup, salad, sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes, three different kinds of awesome tea! I am not normally a tea drinker, but... Man, that was awesome!! And the scones! Oy! I need to learn how to make those!!
I came home to a clean house - dishes done, laundry almost done, parking spaces shoveled...  :) A very good thing. I also came home to a very tired puppy. There's only one teenager in my house tonight and he's already in bed, which means that man and I are... alone? Or kind of?
I think it's time for an adult beverage...
Okay. I'm leaving now...

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