Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Winter Wednesday

There's a lot of ice out there!
School is closed. (Again) That Man is home for now. He was told not to report to work until noon. He's attempting to shovel the ice on the front walk.
The worst of the storm is over and temperatures are on the rise already.
I feel like I missed the storm! It had just started sleeting as I took the dog out before bed. When I got out of bed, it was done. Dang.
It's beautiful out there, but we've lost several sections of hedge and at least one of the shrubs at the porch, maybe both. The hedge needed trimmed way back anyway, and the shrubs needed to be replaced, too. They were too big and becoming a nuisance. But I would have rather been able to remove them on my own.
I might even get the hutch unloaded today. I did finally manage to put away the decorations that were on the piano. Go me! Ha!
Now we gear up for the next storm. It was originally supposed to hit Saturday, but now they've moved it to Sunday. The weather people don't know what it's going to do yet. I'm glad Saturday is clear now though. I'm participating at an author event at a local greenhouse and it's my baby sister's birthday. Another milestone birthday and I'm looking forward to the plans!
That's all for now!

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