Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Old Man Winter...

He's not done with us yet!
We're gearing up for what appears to be a major winter storm starting tomorrow night and going through the rest of the week! The last forecast model I saw was for over twelve inches!
We're good on food and everything else. The pets are good on food as well. We'll be fine if the electric goes out, even if our coal order doesn't arrive before the storm. Though I think I only have one candle at the moment. Oh well... I think we have flashlights.
I have to make a few stops tomorrow, but I'm hoping to get them done before I have to deal with the insane storm preppers. (maybe I'll find some candles, too)
The worst part about the impending storm is that our town didn't plow many of the secondary roads. Our back road hasn't been plowed and is a sheet of ice. That Man's car and the van can't be parked back there, only the 'burban. Not many people have even bothered to shovel out their parking spaces. (We did and so did the "good neighbors")What's it going to be like if we get the twelve plus they're calling for?
You know what I say?
Bring it!
On a disturbing note...
I returned to bed after a predawn trek to use the facilities. As I'm laying there reveling in the fact that I still had over an hour to sleep, something felt weird just below the elastic of my sleepy pants. I reached there, and EWWW!! A stink bug! And no, it hadn't just gotten there! It was stuck in my skin (just like the last time). It bit me as soon as I touched it! (I swear! Don't make me take a picture of my butt! I still have a welt!) It's leg fell off and I had to pull it from my skin! It made a stink! Gross!! I am still disturbed. (How did I manage to use the bathroom without realizing it was there?)
Other things...
Oreos make my kid very very happy. Also, the fact that we actually have milk in the house (no one ever drinks milk here anymore. But now that Baby B is on milk, I try to keep it in the fridge. K4 is one of the only beings in this house who is not lactose intolerant (besides me, but I don't like milk), only she never drinks it. So I don't buy it anymore.)
Chores being done make me very happy. I didn't even have to nag. Much.
K3 driving himself to Barbershop practice. I only hope he put gas in the van... Ha!
That is all...

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