Thursday, February 06, 2014

Puppy - Week 3

I know it's blurry! It's hard to get her to sit still. She knows how to sit, but she's not so good at stay yet, or lay down, or down. Today I caught her standing on the end table. AND she learned how to take the lid off of the cat food container today.
Her new nickname is devil dog or demon puppy - said lovingly, of course. She really isn't bad, just a crazy puppy! Earlier she was running circles through the house, then she was chasing the head of her flamingo toy, then the cat... well, you get the picture. She's busy. Very busy. You can kind of see the mischief in her eyes in the picture. She thought we were playing some kind of game.
It's also hard to see how big she's getting. She's not really sitting the right way.
But she is a good puppy (when she's not biting - she's getting big girl teeth now!)! Today she laid on the couch beside me while I was job hunting and laid at my feet while I was folding laundry. She'll lay next to the stove when I'm cooking, too. (Only I didn't do that tonight!)
I put her in her crate this morning to take K4 to school and when I got back and went to let her out, she went to the rear of her crate and turned her back on me. I was shunned. I was also shunned after I took my shoes away from her. Again. She's tall enough to reach my old spot now. And... any time she gets in trouble for biting too hard, jumping on us when we're eating, or any other puppy infraction, she'll go into the kitchen and lay under the counter. Attitude.
But yes, we're still thrilled to have her!

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