Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up...

Well, we lived through the weekend.
What a blast.
The wedding was fantastic, even with the pouring down rain brought by Hanna. And, boy, did it rain hard! Crazy. We actually started out our weekend on Thursday when we went to the bride's parents house for dinner. Then, Friday was the rehearsal dinner, which was a lot of fun and a late night. Saturday morning we were up early to start the shower train (remember 6 people, one bathroom, two teenagers). The rain started right before we left, but it didn't dampen the day one bit. We danced, laughed, and carried on until late. And we decided the new couple should name their first daughter Hanna in honor of their wedding day. Ha! Who knows if they'll agree with that, but we thought it was funny. Also, my mom's been losing weight and when she got out of the car at the wedding I was shocked. I guess I didn't realize how much weight she's lost! She looks fabulous and she had on some kickin' shoes! The younger K's had a blast. They danced, ate cake, and ran around with the other kids.
Oh, and I need to make a minor adjustment to my previous post. Jo took offense to me saying she was our adopted child this weekend since she's not a child. So, she was our house guest and traveling companion. Hopefully that makes her happier.
My pictures aren't that great so I doubt you'll get to see any of them. If I can figure out how to upload one from my phone, I can show you the tower K1 made during dinner Friday night.
This week's a busy one. Lots going on.
Stay tuned, and...


Jo said...

LOL! You know I love you! Thanks for making me smile...MOM! lol

I hope you have a good week...hang in there!


Victoria said...

Okay, you calling me "Mom" is like me saying you're our adopted child!! LOL
You have a good week, too!