Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Ramblings

Another picture from the reception. Those little candles were on every flat surface. I have to admit, I did wonder about the amount of hairspray on some heads and the possibility of someone going up in flames, but that's just how my mind works.
Lots of little irritations here and there - like: the cashier at the grocery store missed three of my coupons and gyped me out of four bucks off my bill. Dang it. K4 needed chapstick, so we picked up some at the store, and don't you know, she lost it before we even made it to the car. Crying commenced. K4 had homework to do that required scissors, and believe it or not, I can't find a single pair. I guess I hid them too well. We ended up using crazy craft scissors to cut out her homework. Fantastic. The desktop computer is dying on many levels. Not only is is horribly slow and cranky, the monitor is changing colors - right now it's a pleasant blue, but it's been known to turn yellow and red depending. Like I need that.
But...the weather is gorgeous. There's a fantastic breeze that reminds me of the beach.
There's a lot to look forward to this week, too...(my next dentist appointment not included)
Tomorrow night I'm meeting the participants of the summer writing challenge for dinner - to celebrate our hard work and hang out. I can't wait. Then...Thursday...Brand new Supernatural!! Fantastic! I've seen two videos of different clips from the episode. Both just make me want it even more. More I can't wait!
Okay. So that's all for now.


sailorcross said...

I just don't even want to tell you this, but the problem with scissors doesn't get any better as your kids get older.

I have five--count 'em--FIVE--pairs of really good scissors. Do you think I can ever find a pair when I really need them? NO!!

And why is that? Because people use them and then don't put them back where they belong! So, I go and buy another pair, and so on and so on and so on.

Are you moving? I checked out your Wordpress--looks pretty nice over there!!

Victoria said...

I feel your pain. Scissors. Tape. My stapler. They disappear...even if they're in the "forbidden" drawer. Go figure.
I'm not least not yet. I really like the Word Press set up, but I love Blogger, too. I'm using the Word Press as my webpage for now. Eventually, I'll probably just do everything there, but for now, I'm happy with the way things are.
Thanks for checking it out! :)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Two words: U-Scan.

Victoria said...

I love U-Scan! I wish they had a big u-scan for when I have A LOT of groceries. I really hate for them to bag my stuff!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Well, you probably sometimes have bigger loads than I do, given the number of people you're shopping for, but I have done $250 shopping sessions through U-scan. It's not an express line! :) They will bring over an empty cart so when you fill the scale, you can move your bags to the new cart and keep going.

There was only one time I can remember going through a regular checkout since they got U-scan, and it was to yell at MS about chicken. :)

Victoria said...

At the store I shop at, I always get dirty looks when I go into U-scan with a big cart. Pretty much everyone that uses it has a small order. Weird. Even today when I went and had two recycled bags (stuffed absolutely full) and some bigger stuff that didn't need bags, I got dirty looks for tying up a lane for as long as I did.
Maybe it's time for me to switch stores...

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I was just going to suggest that... :)

Of course, I might get dirty looks. I don't notice. LOL Or care! I'm faster through the U-scan than I'd be through the regular register.