Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stay Off the Sidewalks!

There's a new driver on the streets!
K2 nailed her driving test. She took it in the Suburban and parallel parked that beast like it was a tiny little car. As soon as I saw that (I was hiding behind the building so she wouldn't see me), I knew she had it made. She was positive there was no way she was shoving our tank into the allotted space. But I knew she would - it only looked smaller because instead of cones the area is surrounded by those huge highway barriers.
She already has plans to borrow the Suburban tonight. I'm sure I'll cry when she drives away - just like I did with her brother. Another step toward total independence. It's a good thing. And a sad one for Mommy. Kind of.
Last Thursday before new Supernatural! Whoot! Tonight is the rerun of the season finale and since I don't have my season 3 DVD's yet, you can bet your behind I'll be glued to the television making everyone around me be quiet.
That's all...


sailorcross said...

Ahhh--A happy and yet sad day!!

But congrats to the new driver!! She'll do fine--you know she will. If she parallel parked your Suburban with no problem, she's got it made!!

I still think you were mistaken for Paris Hilton--oh, wait a minute--didn't I see you with Johnny Depp just the other night? I'm sure I saw you with Johnny!!

You'd better settle down--you're married with kids, remember!!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...


Victoria said...

You're cracking me up! And shhh! don't tell! LOL

Victoria said...

I need SAM and DEAN!!!!!